Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Folk Art Inspiration From Edgar and Ingri D'aulaire

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The illustrator pair Edgar and Ingri Parin D'aulaire, emigrated from Europe, and became well-regarded for their illustrations as well as their historical writing for children. It's funny when you find a new artist, it seems you tend to start running into their work more often. Some genre of synchronicity, I guess.
I recently picked up both Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, at two different sales. Upon opening the pages, I was immediately charmed by the D'Aulaire style, both in their illustrations and their storytelling. The stories include details that turn historical characters into real people a child could relate to. The drawings are in both black and white as well as lovely hues.
The D'Aulaires folk art pictures look like colored pencil drawings, however, the books do not tell us the medium, only that they are lithographs. Of course, lots of horse illustrations, a perennial favorite!
One of the most interesting notes about Edgar is that he was a student of Henri Matisse.
I will be seeking out more Parin D'Aulaire collaborations at the book sales.

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