Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ruth E Newton's Chubby Kids and Cubs

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Ruth Eleanor Newton (1884-1972)was a prolific illustrator as well as a doll designer. She illustrated more than 40 titles for Whitman Publishing. She was known for her adorably chubby babies and toddlers.

Along with many other of the best illustrators of the day, she studied art in Pennsylvania. According to a Wikipedia article, she studied at the Philadelphia School of Fine Art, but that was probably the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Here are some images from Ruth E. Newtons Nursery Rhymes. I like the texture of this cloth-like book:

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Mistress Mary Quite Contrary

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Little Miss Muffet

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Lion Cubs -- Newton's animals are just as huggably cute as her children. They should have made stuffed animals based on her images.

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One of my very favorites. I really like the use of color in this illustration.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Three Bears, Victorian Illustration by R. Andre

The Three Bears McLoughlin Bros 1888

This was a great find, 1888 McLoughlin Bros. The Three Bears -- that was before Goldilocks name got into the title. Wonderful Victorian illustration by R. Andre. I really like the story as well, lots of detail. I will need to transcribe the story before I sell the illustrations. Since the book was very damaged, I decided to sell the illustrations rather than the book as a whole.

Here are the three bears going for a nice walk in the woods, dressed in their finest.

The Three Bears McLoughlin Bros 1888

Along comes Goldilocks, "She was very merry and lighthearted and when she laugher her voice rang out with a clear silvery sound that was pleasant to hear." And that is very pleasant to read.

I like the sense of humor here, with the Bears house plate -- Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Ursa Minimus. But, of course, Goldilocks couldn't read Latin

The Three Bears McLoughlin Bros 1888

After Goldilocks eats the porridge and destroys some furniture she takes a nap in Little Bears bed, but soon the Bears come home. Little Bear wasn't happy to find her in his bed. Papa Dear and Mama Dear found her very sweet and did not want to hurt her.

The Three Bears McLoughlin Bros 1888

However, when she awoke to find the Bears all peering at her, she became scared and ran away.

The Three Bears McLoughlin Bros 1888

I am missing the last page of the book, but it looks like Papa Bear is trying to return Goldilocks' ribbon as she flees. A story that is sympathetic to the bears, who were very kind and forgiving of the home invader.