Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ruth E Newton's Chubby Kids and Cubs

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Ruth Eleanor Newton (1884-1972)was a prolific illustrator as well as a doll designer. She illustrated more than 40 titles for Whitman Publishing. She was known for her adorably chubby babies and toddlers.

Along with many other of the best illustrators of the day, she studied art in Pennsylvania. According to a Wikipedia article, she studied at the Philadelphia School of Fine Art, but that was probably the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art.

Here are some images from Ruth E. Newtons Nursery Rhymes. I like the texture of this cloth-like book:

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Mistress Mary Quite Contrary

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Little Miss Muffet

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Lion Cubs -- Newton's animals are just as huggably cute as her children. They should have made stuffed animals based on her images.

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One of my very favorites. I really like the use of color in this illustration.


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  2. I just picked up a book with different ones by Ruth. How can I send them to share.